Category: Poetry

Encouragement for the saints through poetry and meditation.

God Is With Me

God Is With Me Blessed art Thou, God of my creation, And greatly art Thou to be praised. Though I be alone, I am not, For Thou art ever with me. Though I be far, I am not, For thou art near. Who can… Continue Reading “God Is With Me”

God is Our Strength

God is Our Strength God, my rock and safe habitation, Be my light in a world of shadows. Help me to see thy path, And to know of surety thy ways. Give unto me a drink of living waters That I may be filled… Continue Reading “God is Our Strength”

Trust in God

Trust in God My mind is grieved and my heart sore vexed. Mine affliction has made me weary, Yet will I trust in You. Strengthen me, O God, for I am weak. Let, therefore, Your strength be perfected in me. Make me to know… Continue Reading “Trust in God”