Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14


Poem by Jermonté S.

Why do we pay for Wormwood
Why when we can’t drink the water
Why when the fishes die
Why won’t the birds fly
When when the pet’s sick
Why when the grime’s thick
Why when the health declines
Why when the pipes break
Why when the shower quakes
Why when the pot’s soiled
Why’s the kettle white when boiled
Why when the plants died
Why when EPA cries,
We cannot enforce these guidelines
Why when cancers rise
Why when death tole’s high
When when we can’t drink the water
Why do we pay for Wormwood?

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Welcome to Peace & Poetry-
poetry geared towards people with a sense of spiritual awareness.
poetry highlighting the ups and downs of life.
poetry of love and loneliness,
faith and reality.

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