Jermonté Taivon

Digital Content Editor

“Just a semi-average cat lover with a semi-unhealthy phở-addiction…

Jermonté is a writer and digital content creator who admires the adventurous simplicity of the nomadic lifestyle.

His sojourning has lead him to a greater sense of self and a deeper oneness with Nature, which he believes, when accompanied with prayer and meditation, tunes the human mind to perceive the Spirit.

He first blog, The Timestamp, was launched in 2020 after unprecedented world circumstances caused him to decline his acceptance to the American University of Paris.

After a year of soul-searching and self-reflection, Jermonté rediscovered his passion for rhyme, and rebranded his site as Peace & Poetry.

“It has already been an incredible journey, and this is only the beginning,” he said when asked about the experience.

He is hopeful that great things await him in the future, and he will continue to be thankful always and take it one day at a time.

  • Editor at Peace & Poetry
  • Travel Vlogger
  • Spoken-Word