Let your voice to be heard: to elevate and edify the saints of the Most High, to minister to the oppressed and afflicted, and to prophesy unto all nations the Divine Truth & Gospel.

Submission Process

  1. Complete the online Submission Form.
  2. If accepted, the Editor will review your submission and contact you via email to schedule an appointment (via Zoom or phone call) to address any suggested edits, comments, and questions. This meeting can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the submission.
  3. After the submission review meeting, you will receive an email containing the edited draft and any follow-up instructions that may have been discussed. This will be your opportunity to verify the edits and make any final adjustments.
  4. After your verification, if there are no other changes, the Editor will schedule your submission for publication.

Supplementing information

  • All submissions will require an image. This may be one that was taken yourself, or one from another online source. If you use an image from another source, you must also include the link where the image was found.
  • A profile image is highly encouraged. Preferably this would be one of yourself, but your brand image may work as well. Any privacy concerns should be addressed with the Editor.
  • A brief personal bio (2-3 sentences) will be included with the profile image that will allow readers to know more about the author.

Things to consider

  • The author retains all rights to his/her content and is freely able to upload and publish it (or portions of it) to social media, personal websites, other publications, etc. Though it’s recommended that any accepted submissions later posted elsewhere reference Peace & Poetry as the original source, it is not required.
  • If publishing an accepted submission in another magazine, you will likely be required to disclose that it was originally published in Peace & Poetry. Any negative consequences that result in an author’s failure to do so is solely his/her responsibility.
  • Original content only! Please do not submit work that has been previously published elsewhere. Peace & Poetry is not liable to any copyright violation claims for previously published content. The author is solely responsible for any consequences of plagiarism and copyright violations that result from his/her failure to submit original content.

Complete the form below to submit work.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you have read, understand, and accept all of the information outlined on this page.

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