LA’nne Diamond


A native of South Florida and a self-taught artist, her romantic surreal style of art began with a debut of a painting compilation titled 13 Peaces. The collection was a rendition of “her soul opening up” after a thirteen-year stretch of life-changing events which brought her closer to God and strengthened her walk in faith.

Rise & Shine

A resting of the moon as the Sun rises. This painting is one of 13 Peaces from the Heart Art Collection series. Its medium; watercolor on paper.

“Rise & Shine,” LA’nne Diamond (15×20, painting)

Contact LA’nne at [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing her art.

“…and that’s the way it is…”

In addition to painting, LA’nne is an writer-entrepreneur and a writer who enjoys literature and cuisine. Her reading preferences span from topics concerning the inner self, sales, and self-improvement. I’m also developing a cooking segment on my YouTube channel titled “Southern Cooking” with LA’nne Diamond, where you can find me cooking up some traditional southern favorites. I am also in the process of completing my first book which should be out this fall titled, Anne…That’s the Way It Is!

“I, Angel…” LA’nne Diamond, Poem
“Stand in Your Power,” LA’nne Diamond

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