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Better than birds

At dusk doth the devil rage, Making war against the saints; Traversing fields of dreams; Sowing seeds of doubt. Disrupting spiritual gaze With subconscious temptations To deceive and prey. I pray when I awake My soul, he not take. For it is safe in… Continue Reading “Better than birds”


My God, I feel a longing above the face of the deep, deep within Me. I try to be strong in this world I don’t belong. My God, I feel a longing As You bring me along This long, long path to learn good… Continue Reading “Longing”


Disconnecting is protecting the soul from corruption and hearkening to the Spirit’s instruction. Disconnecting is inspecting the mind’s contentions; the putting aside of false pretensions. Disconnecting is directing the heart’s provocation from strife to life in true determination. In disconnecting one’s able to be… Continue Reading “Disconnecting”

black or white

black and white image of canyons

This piece, published in Vibrations Magazine, is a reflection of the relationship between race and religion in America.

the dream

Morning of May 10th… Last night I dreamed Of most vivid proportion The cities shaken In dramatic destruction Cables whipping No more shocked than I Ashes raining Like snow in July Cars tumbling Down mountains of street Dogs buried in holes Several feet deep… Continue Reading “the dream”


People say that no one is perfect, but is that really true?  Perfection is defined as having all required and desired elements, qualities, and characteristics; to be complete.  All those who are in Christ are complete and shall lack no good thing. Even in… Continue Reading “perfectionist”


Though change comes upon the world as a thief, you need not be caught at naught. Love is a guiding light; a strong defense. Believe, and you’ll not be moved.

the hike

In admiration of the nature around, may its beauty abound-
more and more until forevermore!


A common factor that denotes this walk. Though it’s different for each, its methods are the same. It’s seductions are strong, and it’s lies lead to shame. It’s not temptation if it’s easy to resist. Yet by faith we overcome it.

For Wisdom’s sake

Blessed are all they who find wisdom, for with her is health and by her were the heavens and the earth established. « Proverbs 3 »