Ode to humility

It's not prideful to have dominion, but it's pride to suppose oneself exempt from the laws of Nature established by the holy commandment.

as we wake

A morning meditation and thanksgiving for the mercies of our Creator who gave us breath and caused the sun to rise upon us yet another day.


People say that no one is perfect, but is that really true?  Perfection is defined as having all required and desired elements, qualities, and characteristics; to be complete.  All those who are in Christ are complete and shall lack no good thing. Even in our weakness, Christ makes us perfect. His grace is sufficient!  Let us... Continue Reading →


Que la grâce soit à ton nom, mon Dieu, Car tu garderas mon cœur. Même quand m’éprouve du malheureux, Tu fais-moi de connaître le bonheur.

I Will Wait

I Will Wait Oh Father, I will wait for You,For You know the thoughts of my heart;And all the steps I take,You have known them from the start.When I’m confused I look to You.What need I to stress?For you have formed my soul;For me, You know what’s best.Why shall I pant and worryFor that which... Continue Reading →

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