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In the morning

God will be found of those who seek Him early. Let us not forsake His mercy.

O, Magnify Him

O magnify the Lord with me!
Come ye and see
How He hast pulled me
Out of vanity.

I Remember

I remember that day,
The day You set me free;
You delivered my soul,
And revealed Your love for me.


Que la grâce soit à ton nom, mon Dieu,
Car tu garderas mon cœur.
Même quand m’éprouve du malheureux,
Tu fais-moi de connaître le bonheur.

I Will Wait

I Will Wait Oh Father, I will wait for You,For You know the thoughts of my heart;And all the steps I take,You have known them from the start. When I’m confused I look to You.What need I to stress?For you have formed my soul;For… Continue Reading “I Will Wait”

Make Haste, Beloved

Make Haste, Beloved Happy am I and full of reason to rejoice,Even now, in the midst of mine affliction.For though my emotions seek to deceive me,I know that my God shall deliver me. Though sadness sets its ambush;Though shame readies its bow;I need not… Continue Reading “Make Haste, Beloved”