Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

O, Magnify Him

O, Magnify Him

O magnify the Lord with me!
Come ye and see
How He hast pulled me
Out of vanity.

All ye with ears,
come and hear
How the Lord hast delivered me
From all my fears.

O all ye with a tongue,
Let it speak His glory
To the humble and meek.

All ye who labor,
Faint not in the test.
Surrender your burdens
And enter His rest.

For He shall abase the great
And exalt the least.
Be therefore comforted
And filled with peace.

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Welcome to Peace & Poetry-
poetry geared towards people with a sense of spiritual awareness.
poetry highlighting the ups and downs of life.
poetry of love and loneliness,
faith and reality.

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