Today is a blessed and beautiful day for love and growth; physically, mentally, and above all, spiritually.

I praise my God of all creation for His abundant mercies are renewed each day and His compassions faileth not.

Truly He hath caused the sun to rise on the unjust as well as the just, that no man may call Him partial in judgement.

I will not take for naught the grace of our Creator, nor will I despise His longsuffering to usward on account of our sins which are many.

For He hath called all men and women having breath to return to the paths of righteousness.

It is His lovingkindness which doth sustain the sparrows’ flight; and that doth keep the beasts of the field from overtaking Man’s habitation.

Yea, lest all living beings be consumed due to the iniquity wrought upon the face of the earth.

For these things, and His riches innumerable, let all them give thanks that fear His name.

And blessed be all who think upon Him this day.


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