Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

In the morning

O how great it is to ponder the wisdom of God in the morning:

Everything has its season.
Some trees lose their leaves,
And others retain their shape.
This is beyond human reason.

Winter brings a bitter frost.
The corn and wheat wither,
Yet the grass does not die,
Neither is it’s color lost. 

The birds praise in the morning.
The sorrows of night are past;
The light of the sun is risen;
Joy has conquered mourning.

The world has come alive.
Another day of mercy;
Time to learn and to grow;
Grace to those who strive.

O how great it is to see the wisdom of God in the morning!

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poetry geared towards people with a sense of spiritual awareness.
poetry highlighting the ups and downs of life.
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