Walk on Water

Emotions can be like dark seas in an unpredictable storm. Yahusha [Jesus Christ] Messiah is the love and peace that stills the storm within.

as we wake

A morning meditation and thanksgiving for the mercies of our Creator who gave us breath and caused the sun to rise upon us yet another day.


My God, I feel a longingabove the face of the deep,deep within Me.I try to be strongin this worldI don't belong.My God, I feel a longingAs You bring me alongThis long, long pathto learn good from badand right from wrong.My God, I feel a longinglike lonesome stars wandering,wondering how to supplicateYour voice do fill this... Continue Reading →


Though change comes upon the world as a thief, you need not be caught at naught. Love is a guiding light; a strong defense. Believe, and you'll not be moved.


A common factor that denotes this walk. Though it's different for each, its methods are the same. It's seductions are strong, and it's lies lead to shame. It's not temptation if it's easy to resist. Yet by faith we overcome it.

Peace & lonely

It’s not uncommon to feel alone in this walk. God only allows it because He knows we can handle it, and it will only make us stronger.

A supplication

Don’t grow discouraged in life, neither be thou faint in your walk. Continue to sow good seeds, not forsaking prayer, and reap in season.

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