I’m Just

Written from the perspective of a member, this poem observes the trials, tribulations, and victories of being a pastor to show the importance of purpose and having a personal relationship with the Most High.


It's no use to hide behind pretenses because God sees everything and all that is done shall be declared upon the housetops.


Disconnecting is protectingthe soul from corruptionand hearkening tothe Spirit's instruction.Disconnecting is inspectingthe mind's contentions;the putting asideof false pretensions.Disconnecting is directingthe heart's provocationfrom strife to lifein true determination.In disconnectingone's able to bea hearer that hears;having eyes that see. And I heard another voice from Heaven saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not... Continue Reading →

Choose righteousness

Grow not weary of well-doing, but walk in the works of God which he hath preordained before the foundation of the world, that you might walk in them. Lose not sight of your reward which will assuredly await you if you hold fast to that holy gospel which you have learned from the beginning. Set... Continue Reading →


People say that no one is perfect, but is that really true?  Perfection is defined as having all required and desired elements, qualities, and characteristics; to be complete.  All those who are in Christ are complete and shall lack no good thing. Even in our weakness, Christ makes us perfect. His grace is sufficient!  Let us... Continue Reading →

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