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Disconnecting is protecting the soul from corruption and hearkening to the Spirit’s instruction. Disconnecting is inspecting the mind’s contentions; the putting aside of false pretensions. Disconnecting is directing the heart’s provocation from strife to life in true determination. In disconnecting one’s able to be… Continue Reading “Disconnecting”

Choose righteousness

Grow not weary of well-doing, but walk in the works of God which he hath preordained before the foundation of the world, that you might walk in them. Lose not sight of your reward which will assuredly await you if you hold fast to… Continue Reading “Choose righteousness”


People say that no one is perfect, but is that really true?  Perfection is defined as having all required and desired elements, qualities, and characteristics; to be complete.  All those who are in Christ are complete and shall lack no good thing. Even in… Continue Reading “perfectionist”

For Wisdom’s sake

Blessed are all they who find wisdom, for with her is health and by her were the heavens and the earth established. « Proverbs 3 »

Passing Pain

Hear the thoughts of my heart,
And the voice of my tears.
Those tears I would cry
If only I could feel.

The Promise

God in the flesh
Gave life afresh
Those whom He sealed
Are made whole and healed

Voici l’ordre

Il fait grandir les forêts
Comme une maison pour les bêtes
Pour les oiseaux qui vole
Les vents leur boussole

Who has known?

Who has known God,
And walked in His ways?
Do they all seek tradition;
Have they all gone astray?

My Assurance

As I ponder Your ways
And thoughtfully reflect,
I cannot neglect Your praise.
How could I wake without Your grace?

O, Magnify Him

O magnify the Lord with me!
Come ye and see
How He hast pulled me
Out of vanity.