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I’m Just

southern pastor

I’m Just

Kenya Wilcox

Written from the perspective of a member, this poem observes the trials, tribulations, and victories of being a pastor to show the importance of purpose and having a personal relationship with the Most High.

The Lord is my Shepherd
And I am their Pastor
Lord, You told me this duty will have its
Triumphs and disasters

Thirty years in this building
A journey I dare not regret
My heart is still beating and I’m still moving
The Lord ain’t done with me yet

As I walk with you side by side
Using your Love as a guide
Even the people I pray for get jealous
For in my heart, You reside

Oh God, I’m just a servant
Sowing good seeds in your field
By Your stripes I’m healed
By faith, You’re my shield

Though the harvest is plenty
The laborers are few
At times I discourage
But there’s still work to do

I’m grateful for being Your Child
The task you assigned me, hmph, I can’t complain
As I walk in this building and persecution
I stand by my God in this place unashamed

Oh God, I’m just a messenger
Telling them exactly what you told me
Through Your Word I know they’re free
Those You’ve made free, indeed

Talking about you gave me knowledge
But in You, there’s a wiser fear
Obedient lips do solemnly pledge
To speak truth– no tickling ears

Oh God, I’m just a Pastor
Grateful to be in Your plan
When I want to throw in the towel
You still hold my hand

Though many planned for me the worst
You gave me the very best
And assured me this life I live on earth
Is truly just a test

I’m designed to give you more
My resolve is never less
So when I see you in heaven
I’ll have abundant rest

Oh God, I’m just a Pastor
And still more than they see
A Father, a friend, a messenger, a servant
And so many things You’ve blessed me to be

As you look at my journey
I hope that you understand
My God ordained my purpose
And in His Will, ever I stand

I’m just a Pastor 
My story is plain for all to see
That God can surely shine through you
Because I know He shines through me. 

Kenya Wilcox

Native to Birmingham, Kenya Wilcox is an up-and-coming poet and proud mother of a peculiarly brilliant toddler.

After completing her Undergrad at the University of Alabama, Kenya attended the University of SoCal where her extensive study in the field of mental health coupled with a desire to help people led to her Master’s in Social Work and continued dedication as a licensed practitioner.
It’s her values of love, spirituality, self-reflection, and imagination that not only inspire her work, but also press her to become the phenomenal woman and mother she is meant to be.

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