Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14


My God, I feel a longing

above the face of the deep,

deep within Me.

I try to be strong

in this world

I don’t belong.

My God, I feel a longing

As You bring me along

This long, long path

to learn good from bad

and right from wrong.

My God, I feel a longing

like lonesome stars wandering,

wondering how to supplicate

Your voice do fill this void

with a Word of Truth

and a living Word who

came to set the captives free.

That truly I may be

free, and free indeed

to sing Holy! Holy!

is the Lord God ALMIGHTY!

Him that was– and is–

and is to come has come.

Though He came,

You are One,

one in the same.

One came to clothe my shame

that sin can never rule me.

For which reason I praise

Him that was raised;

You and Your ways

my righteous King and Elohim

God of Abraham, O Yahweh!

It’s You I praise! It’s you I praise!

For I too have been raised

to sit in a heavenly place

and reign at Your side.

Your Ruach instructs me;

Your Spirit’s my guide.

My God, come fill me inside

and satisfy this longing!

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Welcome to Peace & Poetry-
poetry geared towards people with a sense of spiritual awareness.
poetry highlighting the ups and downs of life.
poetry of love and loneliness,
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