Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

For Wisdom’s sake

Permit my soul, O God
to speak before Thee
And incline Thine ear
to my supplications. 
Your ways doth I desire,
for they are pure. 
Finer than the choicest gold
art Thy righteous judgements.
In the time of mine ignorance
I have sought vain riches,
Yet now hath mine eyes been enlightened
by the purity of Thy commandments.
Wisdom is the true treasure.
She was with Thee before
the foundation of the world. 
I pray Thee, O Father,
that Wisdom may dwell with me.
For what do they profit,
the praises of men?
As our ways are foolish unto Thee.
O but it were better
to be despised of them
were it for Wisdom’s sake. 
For even in the face of adversity,
I may dwell safely. 
For Thou art my protection.
It is Wisdom to trust Thee.
Though men call me foolish,
who has trusted Thee
and also been confounded?
Or when were the righteous 
ever forsaken in their afflictions?
I know Thou art with me
even in the fiery furnace.
Thus my soul may enter Thy rest
because I trust in Thee. 
Thou keepest me in perfect peace.
Thank You, Father. 

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