There’s truth and then there’s religion. It’s up to each to reflect on what they believe and why.

It’s not about religion,
It’s about truth.
Yahusha is the root
That leads to right decision.

It’s not about pride,
It’s about humility;
Showing love with simplicity
As Christ did when He died.

It’s not about gain,
It’s about self-denial;
Seeking spiritual revival,
And forsaking what is vain.

It’s not about power,
It’s about meekness;
Trusting God in weakness;
Who’ll save in the evil hour.

It’s not about fun,
It’s about suffering.
With all our might, mustering
Boldness to get work done.

It’s not about sacrifice,
It’s about obeying;
Seeking Yah by praying
That we may receive life. 

It’s not about tradition,
It’s about faith;
Hearing what the Spirit saith,
Who leads us from perdition.

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