Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

Passing Pain

Hear the thoughts of my heart
And the voice of my tears,
Those tears I would cry
If only I could feel.
I need not be led of emotion,
Yet my heart is ruffled with commotion;
The commotion of the notion
That I should feel more;
More of You when I seek that door
That opens to Life.
Life that ends the strife within;
Free from guilt, free from sin.
And I know from within it begins;
Begins the change in my mind
Which may seem strange to others.
I’m not deranged but sure
That this work You began
You’ll complete by Your Hand,
And I shall be made pure.
O that I might endure!
And though it’s hard to feel
I still believe
This empty pain is temporary.
What I know, but can’t see,
Will verily be.
This truth will I keep
As I praise and seek
Until my souls meets Your glory.

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