Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

The Promise

Often I must pause
And it’s not without cause
To consider the truth
I’ve heard since my youth

God in the flesh
Gave life afresh
Those whom He sealed
Are made whole and healed

All who believe
Shall surely receive.
They shall lack no things
And their hearts will sing

Not all, but some
Find the glory to come
Only them that are meek
With hearts willing to seek

Will truly come to know
The Word spoken long ago
Let this Hope fill our minds
For in wisdom, are great finds

Faint not in the way
But have faith day by day
Forget not our Help from high
As temptation comes to try

When times get hard
God’s truth shall guard
And by His mighty hand
Shall we reach the Promise Land.

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