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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

My Assurance

My Assurance

As I ponder Your ways
And thoughtfully reflect,
I cannot neglect Your praise.
How could I wake
Without Your grace?
Each day has it’s aim,
And the same may be found
When I call on Your name.
Early, first thing
At the alarm ring
Whilst the birds chirp and sing.
I shall not forget
The angel you set
About me—
Who won’t let me fall
Into the hand of the enemy.
For the word You employed
Shall not return void,
But shall accomplish Your will.
Though my foes seek to kill
I may go out still,
Not having fear,
But being filled with Your Spirit.
If a thousand fall at my side
I need not run and hide.
Let not my confidence
Be taken as pride,
For You never lied
When you said You’d protect me.

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