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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

Foreseen Future

Israelite entrepreneur

Foreseen Future

Divine Liii

Forbearing an unforeseen fortune,
Dynamically dueling for dominance.
Questioning serenity
Cues scrupulous consensus.
Meanwhile experiencing expectations
Beyond benevolence
Barters contemplation
For connotation.
Ideally speaking in connection with
Compatible consolation;
Coincidentally serendipitously
Seen scenes scenically
Converge at the point of disemboguement
Twisted amongst conception;
An actuality
of Millennials Milieus [meel-yüz]
Following fairy-tale resolutions resonate:
Happily ever after.

Divine Liii
Divine Liii

A beacon of compassion and empathy, this young entrepreneur uses both his fashion and his way with words to spread faith in his community.

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