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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

Trusting the Process

So this is it, you’re finally going to write that blog article or the next chapter for your book. You’ve been putting it off for weeks but recently you received a jolt of motivation from a 7-minute motivational talk on YouTube. No more messing around. You turn off your phone so you’re no longer tempted to scroll through the Suggested for You section on Instagram. Progress!

After typing the first 4 words of your draft, your brain reminds you that there’s a can of sliced pineapples in the fridge, so you impulsively head for the kitchen. While there, you notice a loaf of wheat bread on the counter and decide to make a nutritious peanut butter and honey sandwich. Why not, it’ll help to get those creative juices flowing, right?

Of course, your evening meal wouldn’t be complete without a steaming cup of tea. After rummaging through the unorganized box of packaged teas you acquired throughout the year, you settle for Petite déjeuner à Parisvery classy! Now settled back your laptop, you glance at the time and are suddenly met with the realization that your 5-minute detour actually took thirty!

Well, if the specificity of this scenario wasn’t convicting enough, it was referencing myself. In fact, it describes almost explicitly what transpired from the moment I sat down to write a draft for this article to the time that I actually started writing it.

This process could have easily been (and almost was) interpreted by my perfectionist-brain as being a near-absolute failure. I had told myself that at 7p I would sit down for 1 hour to write, but instead, I actually opened up Google Docs at 6:07p and started writing at 6:38p. Sure, there was the 30-min brain-scramble, but it wasn’t a failure. Not only did I start writing earlier than my 7 o’clock commitment, but the session was also very productive. Success!

This experience taught me a valuable lesson: that is, trusting the process.

Like planting a garden…

When planting a garden– let’s say corn– the crop doesn’t pop up overnight. On average it takes around 90 days for corn to reach harvest. That’s about 9 plant-months! This process requires a lot of tender nurturing and loving-patience. The planter must frequently pull weeds and water regularly, all with the most determined persistence. If he (or she) remains diligent, then in time, they will harvest the rewards of their labor.

So are our talents…

Our gifts and talents are like a personal garden planted in the fields of our hearts which bring forth a harvest that’s visible from the outside. Maybe you’re growing photography or digital art; maybe it’s a orchard of dancing with some perennial writing here and there. Whatever the crop, first we must plant the seed.

This may mean starting that podcast or uploading that first video to YouTube. Just put the seed in the ground already! Then, attend to it. Many of us tend to have the completely unreasonable (but reasonably human) mindset that we will go from zero-to-hero overnight. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It takes time to establish a strong foundation. Even Hercules had to put in some hard work during his training with Phil.

For us common folk, that means immediately pulling out those insecurities and self-doubts that creep into our minds like weeds. Don’t even let those lies take root. We must also battle against the bugs and parasites– friends, so called– that attack our dreams with their negativity. It’s better just squash their company altogether.

Just as a garden needs plenty of water and sunlight, it’s important to surround ourselves with people that are supportive and won’t tear us down. They are like rays of sunshine, and our positive affirmations like water:

I can do it.

I have a purpose.

All things are possible for me if I believe.

I walk by faith, not by sight.

God is with me.

And indeed these things are true, so we must say them to ourselves until we believe.

Always speak life over yourself, and over your dreams. Overtime, if you continue to nurture them and never give up, you will reap the rewards of all your labor and your success will be a testimony of God’s glory to all those who see your light.

Have faith, and trust the process!

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