Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

black or white

black and white image of canyons

I see an evil 

Under the sun—

Bondage of mind

Hard to be undone

Man defined—Confined

To a word

Black or white. 

No account taken

Of the spirit inside

Those who proclaim

Truth— rather they claim

Yet they possess not

Fruit— but thistles.

Does Love choose

Whom to show grace?

And Mercy—

Does she stumble

When faced with race?

Am I a liar

If I preach not hate?

Am I a judge

To conceal one’s fate? 

On the street side

They shout

“Pick a side—

Black or white.”

‘Tis folly inside

A world of great divide. 

’Tis obstruction 

On the path to unity,


Of community.

I tell you this day

With no shame to say


Is this fight—

Black or white.

If faith is true

And love is right 

Let all put strife

Far from sight. 

Though I be young

And few in years,

The state of humanity

Summons my tears. 

Though I be young

And few in years,

I’ll grow forward,

Striving toward

A brighter light

With no need to fear

Black or white.

Published June 2021 in Vibrations Magazine.

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