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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

An Entreaty

An Entreaty

Praise the God of Israel who gives knowledge according to His mercy,
And who works marvelous works among, and through, as many of those as would humble themselves and trust in His name.
I will say of Yahuah, He is my refuge and my everlasting hope.
May all things bless His name continually.
May all of creation rejoice in His majesty.

For You, O God, turn away the heaviness of the oppressed,
That in You they may find their peace.
You lead them out of danger all those who seek Your wisdom, and by Your judgement the wicked are ensnared in their own unrighteousness.
You deliver the righteous from all His enemies.

Let no man say, Why doth the righteous die before their time?
Understand ye not that their departing only seems like misery and destruction to them which are perishing, but they are in everlasting peace.
For the ungodly, it is not so.
Yea, the wicked have reason to fear for they know within themselves the torments which await them though they confess it not.

For it is written, Every knee shall bow and confess Yahusha, the Son of God.
Let us then be earnest in our faith in Christ, and steadfast in doing good,
That after being tried by fire, our works may stand.
Put aside the vanities of this world and seek with meekness that which is to come, not being slack in prayer but always rendering thanks unto God.
May His grace keep you and your hearts be filled with His peace.

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