Better than birds

At dusk doth the devil rage,Making war against the saints;Traversing fields of dreams;Sowing seeds of doubt.Disrupting spiritual gazeWith subconscious temptationsTo deceive and prey. I pray when I awakeMy soul, he not take.For it is safe in the handsOf Him whose promise stands,And none of His are lost. What need I to fearThe fears of the... Continue Reading →

Choose righteousness

Grow not weary of well-doing, but walk in the works of God which he hath preordained before the foundation of the world, that you might walk in them. Lose not sight of your reward which will assuredly await you if you hold fast to that holy gospel which you have learned from the beginning. Set... Continue Reading →

A supplication

Don’t grow discouraged in life, neither be thou faint in your walk. Continue to sow good seeds, not forsaking prayer, and reap in season.

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