Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

Artist LA’nne Diamond

I wake up everyday giving all Praises and all Honor to The Most High for giving me this gift of life. I remain humble and grateful for all His wonderful blessings! It is truly a gift and a blessing to be able to express myself through art.

LA’nne Diamond

The Passion

For LA’nne, painting is a passion from the heart. This is why Heart Art is such a fitting name for her brand, and is indicative of the love and authenticity that pours out onto each canvas. Her goal is to use her creativity to bring Love and Peace into the world while encouraging others to use their artistic gifts as a positive form of self-expression.

The Style

Her most used mediums are acrylics and watercolor paints in solid bold bright colors, but not in the traditional sense. Each color is applied in stages, and due to a unique layering and drying process, each piece can take an average of 36 to 72 hours from sketch to completion, depending on size, content and time. What makes her art unique is the symbolic heart that can be boldly or obscurely found in most of her paintings.

Seek and find…

Unlike many artists who place their signatures in the lower corners of their work, LA’nne instead signs the back of her paintings with a finger-printed heart. By using this DNA fingerprint, each piece of her art truly gets a piece of her heart.

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