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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

Who Do You Miss?

This piece was inspired by the genuine vocals of OsaiYah DeLiberate.
“Without you, it would not have been possible.”

A testament to art in the purest form and a new song written upon the flesh of heart. Truly these praises in psalms and hymns are as the sweetest incense which doth ascent before the Throne.
May our praises ever rise and our song be eternal; ever grateful for the Salvation which has kept us since the foundation of the world.

Who do you miss?
When you’re snatched out from a bliss?
And it snaps back to reality,
and you wonder what world is this?

‘Cause the news lines in the end times
report crime; defend lies.
Get vaxxed up, let’s save lives!
but abortions at the same time… Hold up!

See hypocrisy’s in the mix.
Add a little leaven, watch the pride rise,
and the doctrine’s all turned to shxt.
See you go to sleep and you go to work,
And you go to church to get holier;
Hold your head high, ’cause you feel right;
See a homeless guy; you the blind mice… Hold up!

What you think your ending will be?
When you walking ’round with the blind crowd,
But you acting like you can see?

‘Cause the scoffers got they sin stacked
like the bacon on they Big Macs,
and they talk shxt but they hate facts,
and they shxt bricks when the skies crack.
And their whole life’s on playback.
You ain’t done shxt?
Can’t say that.
‘Cause it’ll all be on a big screen
at the judgement, can’t talk back.
Better play right, ‘fore it’s night night;
when you live once and you die twice
‘Cause the penalty is a big price,
But it’s all paid if you live right.

Qui tu aimes?
c’est Dieu, que j’aime
son Fils; mon pierre
c’est moi, qu’il aime.
Je marche en guarde
dans la lumière;
Je sais toujours
que j’ai mon Père.
Je te dit mon frère
son amour et la mer,
et plus grand, le courant
est dans toute la terre.
La vie est courte;
sa grâce, je cherche.
Quand je finit
je verrai le Ciel…


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