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For the Love of God

Analysis: Greatest Fear

Original Poem: Greatest Fear

I’ve come to realize that my intensions have been “off” in some areas. There’s this unspoken tendency for me to try and prove myself to others– to God. If my intimacy is a competition, where’s the love in that? This is no love, but a false sincerity in the same actions that some outside observers would call good. I’d hardly consider myself to be good. “There is only One who is good[Mt 19:17], and I can only strive with hopes, by grace, to become an image of that goodness.

What motivates you to do well? That is the true question. Is it acceptable to do well in order to appear righteous before others? Truly, men see our works, but God sees all things and discerns even our intentions. Is it more just to do well out of fear than in love? For verily it is written, “If you love me, keep my commandments[Jn 14:15].

If a husband were to say to his wife: “Honey, I’d never cheat on your because divorce is expensive, and I don’t want to risk losing the house or be inconvenienced by court proceedings,” would she not then wonder if he truly loves her? Or whether he would have an affair if these consequences had not been factors?

How then are we to be counted if we do well only for fear of Hell? As though to impliedly suppose that were there no Hell, there would be no need for well-doing; for righteousness. Of a surety, God sees all things and discerns our intentions, and it is better that we obey out of love for God than for fear of death.

For if “perfect love casts out fear[1 Jn 4:18], then surely our works which are done in fear must also be cast out once perfect love is revealed. “For God is Love[1 Jn 4:8], and Love abides forever.

Therefore, abide in His love that you may be a friend of God! [Jn 15:10-14].

Original Poem: Greatest Fear

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