Peace & Poetry

Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

the Bush & the Bee

I often wonder if I’ll find the one

Or have a family: two daughters and a son

But today I realized something:

A bush can’t reproduce alone.

There are processes,

Like crafty bees who diligently seek

Those attractive twigs and branches

With sweet pedals exposed; 

Soft orange, white, and gold

Surpassing the bare.

All the bush knows is “Grow, grow!”

Trusting the process.

As a bush, so is Man

For all a man knows is “Build, grow!

Flowers will bloom;

Sensual colors show

And like a bush grounded in soil,

A man’s foundation is truth, conviction;

Purposeful toil.

In season doth his values bloom

To attract that blissfully buzzing bee,

Flying left, down, left, up, right–

Unpredictable, in the winds of passion

As Woman, seeking a man upright.

Two beings ever so different

That can’t be without the other

And when they come together

Their love is sweeter than wild honey.

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