…to love You.

Excite my senses, Great Beloved,
And make known Yourself to me. 
You are my deepest desire,
for I was created to love You.
My eyes were created
In the likeness of the universe, 
To behold your beauty
As portals, they catch your light 
And fill my soul.
My ears were placed
to perceive your voice
In wind, in waves, and in thunder. 
The birds have their song, 
And the bees their buzz;
All rendering you praise in their way. 
My nose was set,
To sense your presence.
If I cannot see the flowers
I smell their glory.
And if I cannot hear the thunder,
I know that the rain is near. 
O how marvelous are Your ways!
My lips were formed
To taste of your sweetness.
Honey is bitter in light of You. 
My spirit was made to dance. 
It never sleeps,
But finds it's rest in You. 
You are my joy, O God,
Truly, I exist to love You!

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