Who has known?

Who has known?

Who has known God,
And walked in His ways?
Do they all seek tradition;
Have they all gone astray?

They observe seasons,
And deck their trees,
Yet have forgotten His Sabbaths,
And His holy jubilees.
Passage of time
Doth make man bold
Established in pride
After the ways of old.

Doth any consider
Their proper place?
When they rebel against Him,
And bring to nought His grace?

Envy not the wicked,
For in time you’ll see
How they heap up destruction,
And judgement without mercy.
Rejoice not in this,
Lest you suffer their fate
But conduct yourself with fear
Not forsaking to fast and pray.

Remember God’s word
And endure until the end,
That when we shall see Him,
He will call us a friend.

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