What’s Your Wager?

What doth a man wager?
Or what will he sacrifice,
To walk humbly with God
That he might gain life?

Count the costs,
The Scriptures have told.
Consider of value;
The price of your soul.

What does it profit,
Living in pleasure,
When God, in His judgement,
Shall render wrath by measure?

What is the value
Of material wealth
If it brings to Sheol
One’s spiritual health?

What is the purpose
Of chasing prestige
To look good in the eyes
Of liars and thieves?

God is not mocked,
So let us fear
And straighten our paths
As recompense draws near.

Let every sinner
Forsake his ways
And seek Yahusha,
The Ancient of Days.

Bow your heart
Unto His name.
Draw nigh to Him,
And He’ll do the same.

Be not deceived,
Thinking there’s time to spare.
Lest that dreadful day
Catch you unaware.

Be not slothful
In what you must do.
Seek peace; love your neighbor,
Just as Yah has loved you.

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