Warning, wrath & woe

The will of Elohim is a map for my soul
that leadeth to truth and salvation.
His view is above the bush of the valley,
and His wisdom descends from high above the clouds.
The counsel of the Lord is everlasting.
In vain doth a wicked king seek to overturn His decrees.
Though he reign threescore and ten,
He too shall perish as the locusts of the field.

Though tribulation finds the righteous
they shall not be overcome,
But they that trust in the Lord shall find peace,
and all their works shall prosper.
Let they that do evil continually wail
for the destruction that is to come upon them.
Let the nations of the earth lament,
which make the inheritance of God a thing of reproach.
Let the children of Israel turn again to the ancient paths,
and their imposters be overthrown into darkness.
For the time is at hand that the Daystar rise,
and the world is renewed by revelation.

Of a certainty the truth shall be revealed,
and the prideful hearts of men shall be brought low.
Yea, all who hold the truth in unrighteousness
shall be compelled to confess with their lips that
All who mock and slander the prophets
shall receive recompense for their error.

O ye nations of the earth
who have conspired against a holy people,
Woe unto you!
O you kings and princes of the earth
who have covered up murders with lies,
Woe unto you!
Heaven and earth shall bear witness
against you and your iniquities,
And who can overturn your judgement?
Woe unto you lawyers who
imprison the innocent in your craftiness!
Woe unto you merchants who
defraud the poor of life and substance!
Woe unto you highly esteemed who
corrupt children with your abominations!
The measure of your sins is full,
and innocent blood cries out against you day and night.
How can you hope to escape the wrath to come?

O holy people, turn from the wicked ways
which the nations wherein ye are scattered have taught you,
and Repent! Lest ye shall likewise perish
as those who make themselves enemies of God.
Repent from your idolatries and abstain
from every unclean thing.
Those who celebrate death shall surely be partakers of it.

Make haste, and Repent;
for the time is at hand…

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