Thank You

Thank You

I lift You up,
King of my joy,
For You made all,
And all shall praise Thee.
Much so I!
How could I not?
Author of light,
And Light of mine eyes,
In Thee doth my soul
Find it’s delight.
Thank you…

It’s Your word
Who narrates life.
You spoke my name
And now I am;
I was and shall be
Forever with Thee
The breath I breathe
Was received
From Your hand;
Of Your Will
By Your mercy.
Thank you…

Your grace, I see,
And Your peace.
In my heart,
Your kingdom established.
Reign forever, O King!
And I wait
For all to be revealed.
With sighs of longing,
With Earth’s groans.
Awaiting rebirth
And all things new.
Until then,
Thank you…

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