Reason for Thanks

Reason for Thanks

Worthy are You
To be given praise.
I shall render You thanks

All of my days.

For You have been truthful,

And never lied,
You’ve taken my hand,

And been my Guide.

Where ever You go,

There will I follow,
I shall never be lost,

Nor overtaken with sorrow.

You’ve been my Joy,

And everlasting Hope.
You’ve been my Protection,

When evil men spoke.

Though they laugh and mock,

And blaspheme Your Name,
You shall take vengeance,

Turning their pride to shame.

Keep me, O God,

Steadfast in Your Way.
Never let me wander;

Never let me stray.

O Giver of Gifts,

Fearing You makes wise.
O Father of Lights,

Shine before mine eyes.

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