What’s Your Wager?

What doth a man wager?
Or what will he sacrifice,
To walk humbly with God
That he might gain life?

Count the costs,
The Scriptures have told.
Consider of value;
The price of your soul.

What does it profit,
Living in pleasure,
When God, in His judgement,
Shall render wrath by measure?

What is the value
Of material wealth
If it brings to Sheol
One’s spiritual health?

What is the purpose
Of chasing prestige
To look good in the eyes
Of liars and thieves?

God is not mocked,
So let us fear
And straighten our paths
As recompense draws near.

Let every sinner
Forsake his ways
And seek Yahusha,
The Ancient of Days.

Bow your heart
Unto His name.
Draw nigh to Him,
And He’ll do the same.

Be not deceived,
Thinking there’s time to spare.
Lest that dreadful day
Catch you unaware.

Be not slothful
In what you must do.
Seek peace; love your neighbor,
Just as Yah has loved you.

An Entreaty

An Entreaty

Praise the God of Israel who gives knowledge according to His mercy,
And who works marvelous works among, and through, as many of those as would humble themselves and trust in His name.
I will say of Yahuah, He is my refuge and my everlasting hope.
May all things bless His name continually.
May all of creation rejoice in His majesty.

For You, O God, turn away the heaviness of the oppressed,
That in You they may find their peace.
You lead them out of danger all those who seek Your wisdom, and by Your judgement the wicked are ensnared in their own unrighteousness.
You deliver the righteous from all His enemies.

Let no man say, Why doth the righteous die before their time?
Understand ye not that their departing only seems like misery and destruction to them which are perishing, but they are in everlasting peace.
For the ungodly, it is not so.
Yea, the wicked have reason to fear for they know within themselves the torments which await them though they confess it not.

For it is written, Every knee shall bow and confess Yahusha, the Son of God.
Let us then be earnest in our faith in Christ, and steadfast in doing good,
That after being tried by fire, our works may stand.
Put aside the vanities of this world and seek with meekness that which is to come, not being slack in prayer but always rendering thanks unto God.
May His grace keep you and your hearts be filled with His peace.

Passed Emancipation

Passed Emancipation

Praise the God of heavens
For He has made me free,
And delivered my mind
From the peg of slavery.

Now may I walk aright
As I was created to be
Without fear of my captors
Being displeased with me.

For long have they known
The power in our blood,
And used brutal oppression
Until none understood.

They gauged our eyes
Lest any should read,
And come to discover
Our concealed identity.

Their hearts are troubled
That our people awake.
As the truth spreads
Nations tremble and shake.

The earth is groaning!
Let all Israel take heed,
And return to the Instruction
Given by our ELOHIYM.

Let not His coming catch you
As a thief in the night,
But seek diligently in prayer,
Walking by faith, not by sight.

Who has known?

Who has known?

Who has known God,
And walked in His ways?
Do they all seek tradition;
Have they all gone astray?

They observe seasons,
And deck their trees,
Yet have forgotten His Sabbaths,
And His holy jubilees.
Passage of time
Doth make man bold
Established in pride
After the ways of old.

Doth any consider
Their proper place?
When they rebel against Him,
And bring to nought His grace?

Envy not the wicked,
For in time you’ll see
How they heap up destruction,
And judgement without mercy.
Rejoice not in this,
Lest you suffer their fate
But conduct yourself with fear
Not forsaking to fast and pray.

Remember God’s word
And endure until the end,
That when we shall see Him,
He will call us a friend.

My Assurance

My Assurance

As I ponder Your ways
And thoughtfully reflect,
I cannot neglect Your praise.
How could I wake
Without Your grace?
Each day has it’s aim,
And the same may be found
When I call on Your name.
Early, first thing
At the alarm ring
Whilst the birds chirp and sing.
I shall not forget
The angel you set
About me—
Who won’t let me fall
Into the hand of the enemy.
For the word You employed
Shall not return void,
But shall accomplish Your will.
Though my foes seek to kill
I may go out still,
Not having fear,
But being filled with Your Spirit.
If a thousand fall at my side
I need not run and hide.
Let not my confidence
Be taken as pride,
For You never lied
When you said You’d protect me.

O, Magnify Him

O, Magnify Him

O magnify the Lord with me!
Come ye and see
How He hast pulled me
Out of vanity.

All ye with ears,
come and hear
How the Lord hast delivered me
From all my fears.

O all ye with a tongue,
Let it speak His glory
To the humble and meek.

All ye who labor,
Faint not in the test.
Surrender your burdens
And enter His rest.

For He shall abase the great
And exalt the least.
Be therefore comforted
And filled with peace.

Thank You

Thank You

I lift You up,
King of my joy,
For You made all,
And all shall praise Thee.
Much so I!
How could I not?
Author of light,
And Light of mine eyes,
In Thee doth my soul
Find it’s delight.
Thank you…

It’s Your word
Who narrates life.
You spoke my name
And now I am;
I was and shall be
Forever with Thee
The breath I breathe
Was received
From Your hand;
Of Your Will
By Your mercy.
Thank you…

Your grace, I see,
And Your peace.
In my heart,
Your kingdom established.
Reign forever, O King!
And I wait
For all to be revealed.
With sighs of longing,
With Earth’s groans.
Awaiting rebirth
And all things new.
Until then,
Thank you…

I Remember

I Remember

I remember that day,
The day You set me free;
You delivered my soul,
And revealed Your love for me.

I remember that hour,
As though not long has passed,
When light entered my life
And purged the sin I amassed.

I remember that minute,
The minute You drew near;
When all worry left me
And soon fled shame and fear.

I remember that second,
When you spoke to my heart,
Saying, Come drink of Me,
And You gave me a new start.

I long for the moment,
Which has not yet arrived
When thou shalt say, Well done,
Beloved! Yours is the tree of life



Why do the people
Imagine vain things?
Why do they rejoice,
Which blaspheme Your name?
You are not mocked,
And all shall know
That You raise up kings
And You bring them low.
Their hearts have deceived them,
And they think they’ve won.
Their minds perceive not,
That it’s only just begun.
I shall not be moved,
Nor my faith shaken,
For there’s work to be done,
And more souls to awaken.
You perform wonders
Before men’s eyes.
You humble the mighty,
And confound the wise.
Why shall I worry?
And why should I doubt?
For You destroy your enemies
With the voice of Your shout.
I shall press forward
Without reason to fear,
For You are my direction
As the time draws near.



Que la grâce soit à ton nom, mon Dieu,
Car tu garderas mon cœur.
Même quand m’éprouve du malheureux
Tu fais-moi de connaître le bonheur.
Garde-moi dans tes bras
Et fais-moi d’être comme Toi.
En toute parole et toute grâce
Fais-moi de marcher dans tes voies.
Tu me dis: «ne t’inquiètes de rien,
Mais fais connaître tes besoins de moi.»
Je crois que ta Parole est fidèle,
Mais fais-moi de grandir dans la foi.
En Toi je mets toute ma confiance
Car ta Parole éclaire ma vie.
Je n’envie ni richesse ni chance.
Je n’espère que dans ton Fils.