Passed Emancipation

Passed Emancipation

Praise the God of heavens
For He has made me free,
And delivered my mind
From the peg of slavery.

Now may I walk aright
As I was created to be
Without fear of my captors
Being displeased with me.

For long have they known
The power in our blood,
And used brutal oppression
Until none understood.

They gauged our eyes
Lest any should read,
And come to discover
Our concealed identity.

Their hearts are troubled
That our people awake.
As the truth spreads
Nations tremble and shake.

The earth is groaning!
Let all Israel take heed,
And return to the Instruction
Given by our ELOHIYM.

Let not His coming catch you
As a thief in the night,
But seek diligently in prayer,
Walking by faith, not by sight.

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