Fluent in Pain

This rendition of the Bible parable of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke is a poetic reminder that we are all commanded to love even the poor.

I’m Just

Written from the perspective of a member, this poem observes the trials, tribulations, and victories of being a pastor to show the importance of purpose and having a personal relationship with the Most High.


Insecurity is not something to run from because it serves as an insight to certain aspects of our spirituality that need to be addressed.


It's no use to hide behind pretenses because God sees everything and all that is done shall be declared upon the housetops.

For the Love of God

The author gives insights to his poem, Greatest Fear, which focuses on the intentions behind why people do good things. This analysis compares the validity of fear versus love in an individual's relationship with God.

Walk on Water

Emotions can be like dark seas in an unpredictable storm. Yahusha [Jesus Christ] Messiah is the love and peace that stills the storm within.

the Bush & the Bee

Even in observing flowers and bees, nature teaches us to love by an unlikely romance. Watchfully we learn to trust the process and and appreciate devine order.

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