A common factor that denotes this walk. Though it’s different for each, its methods are the same. Its seductions are strong, and its lies lead to shame. It’s not temptation if it’s easy to resist. Yet by faith we overcome it.

Remember the feeling
and anguish of soul
When temptation comes 
to shatter your goal.

Remember the pain
and sadness of heart
When progress is stalled;
You're back at the start. 

Remember the lies 
that ring in your ear.
Now you won't fall
when victory's near.

Remember the past--
You were here before--
And the grace you found;
God's mercy in store. 

Remember your hope;
Cast away your sigh.
O joyous salvation
descending from high!

For Wisdom’s sake

Permit my soul, O God
to speak before Thee
And incline Thine ear
to my supplications. 
Your ways doth I desire,
for they are pure. 
Finer than the choicest gold
art Thy righteous judgements.
In the time of mine ignorance
I have sought vain riches,
Yet now hath mine eyes been enlightened
by the purity of Thy commandments.
Wisdom is the true treasure.
She was with Thee before
the foundation of the world. 
I pray Thee, O Father,
that Wisdom may dwell with me.
For what do they profit,
the praises of men?
As our ways are foolish unto Thee.
O but it were better
to be despised of them
were it for Wisdom’s sake. 
For even in the face of adversity,
I may dwell safely. 
For Thou art my protection.
It is Wisdom to trust Thee.
Though men call me foolish,
who has trusted Thee
and also been confounded?
Or when were the righteous 
ever forsaken in their afflictions?
I know Thou art with me
even in the fiery furnace.
Thus my soul may enter Thy rest
because I trust in Thee. 
Thou keepest me in perfect peace.
Thank You, Father. 

In the morning

O how great it is to ponder the wisdom of God in the morning:

Everything has its season.
Some trees lose their leaves,
And others retain their shape.
This is beyond human reason.

Winter brings a bitter frost.
The corn and wheat wither,
Yet the grass does not die,
Neither is it’s color lost. 

The birds praise in the morning.
The sorrows of night are past;
The light of the sun is risen;
Joy has conquered mourning.

The world has come alive.
Another day of mercy;
Time to learn and to grow;
Grace to those who strive.

O how great it is to see the wisdom of God in the morning!


It’s not about religion,
It’s about truth.
Yahusha is the root
That leads to right decision.

It’s not about pride,
It’s about humility;
Showing love with simplicity
As Christ did when He died.

It’s not about gain,
It’s about self-denial;
Seeking spiritual revival,
And forsaking what is vain.

It’s not about power,
It’s about meekness;
Trusting God in weakness;
Who’ll save in the evil hour.

It’s not about fun,
It’s about suffering.
With all our might, mustering
Boldness to get work done.

It’s not about sacrifice,
It’s about obeying;
Seeking Yah by praying
That we may receive life. 

It’s not about tradition,
It’s about faith;
Hearing what the Spirit saith,
Who leads us from perdition.

Peace & lonely

My friends have all gone;
Those which said they’d never part.
Perhaps they’d forgotten?
Or planned it from the start?

The walk of faith is sacrifice.
Consider the costs.
Everything is temporary;
I count it all loss. 

How can I complain
That I’ve been rejected?
Christ was betrayed by a brother;
An evil foreknown yet unexpected.

And so was He persecuted.
Then why me any less?
Only that my heart be strengthened 
That I faint not in this test. 

Be happy and rejoice, my soul,
For suffering is not without reward.
Let your patience be established,
And your faith be greater than before. 

How great it is, and wonderful
That I am never alone.
Even in this isolation, 
And when all have gone. 

I can handle being alone;
It’s not too great for me.
So long as I have You,
And Your Spirit to dwell with me. 

A supplication

It’s easy to get caught;
Consumed with vain cares,
Distracted by pleasures;
Drawn away by the world’s affairs.

Father, grant unto me the faith, 
the strength and the power,
To seek out Your truths diligently,
And not grow weary in this hour.

Let not my hope fall,
 Neither my countenance decline,
But fill me with Your oil,
That my lamp may shine.

Let my mind be alert,
And my spirit stay awake.
Search out my heart;
Reveal what I must forsake. 

That which I now reap,
 Is that which I’ve then sown.
And that which I feel now, 
Is that Your chastening may be known. 

I’m often tempted to quit,
But where then should I go?
Whether in joy or in suffering,
Your Word is the only way I know. 

It’s no hard thing

My heart, it laughs, 
My soul, it sings. 
To fill one with joy, 
It’s no hard thing. 

My bread, You provide, 
I lack no good thing. 
To make one rich, 
It’s no hard thing. 

My body, You clothe, 
And supply my needs. 
To array one in glory,
It’s no hard thing. 

My world, You create, 
And all that’s seen.
To remove all corruption, 
It’s no hard thing. 

My life, You give, 
And the air I breath.
To make one holy, 
It’s no hard thing. 

Passing Pain

Hear the thoughts of my heart
And the voice of my tears,
Those tears I would cry
If only I could feel.
I need not be led of emotion,
Yet my heart is ruffled with commotion;
The commotion of the notion
That I should feel more;
More of You when I seek that door
That opens to Life.
Life that ends the strife within;
Free from guilt, free from sin.
And I know from within it begins;
Begins the change in my mind
Which may seem strange to others.
I’m not deranged but sure
That this work You began
You’ll complete by Your Hand,
And I shall be made pure.
O that I might endure!
And though it’s hard to feel
I still believe
This empty pain is temporary.
What I know, but can’t see,
Will verily be.
This truth will I keep
As I praise and seek
Until my souls meets Your glory.

The Promise

Often I must pause
And it’s not without cause
To consider the truth
I’ve heard since my youth

God in the flesh
Gave life afresh
Those whom He sealed
Are made whole and healed

All who believe
Shall surely receive.
They shall lack no things
And their hearts will sing

Not all, but some
Find the glory to come
Only them that are meek
With hearts willing to seek

Will truly come to know
The Word spoken long ago
Let this Hope fill our minds
For in wisdom, are great finds

Faint not in the way
But have faith day by day
Forget not our Help from high
As temptation comes to try

When times get hard
God’s truth shall guard
And by His mighty hand
Shall we reach the Promise Land.

Voici l’ordre

C’est par sa volonté
Que le soleil était crée
Il le fait éclaire
Au-dessus de la mer

Il fait grandir les forêts
Comme une maison pour les bêtes
Pour les oiseaux qui vole
Les vents leur boussole

Voici les petites créatures
Qui bourdonnent autour les fleurs
Même le sol de la terre
Il agit sans erreur

Qui est-ce que peut dit
Que Dieu n’est pas ici
Il soutient toute sa création
Et il protège ses enfants

Dans leurs cœurs son Esprit est au fond
Et la même remplis le monde
Ils deviennent comme leur Frère
Qui est la seule réponse à leurs prières