It’s not about religion,
It’s about truth.
Yahusha is the root
That leads to right decision.

It’s not about pride,
It’s about humility;
Showing love with simplicity
As Christ did when He died.

It’s not about gain,
It’s about self-denial;
Seeking spiritual revival,
And forsaking what is vain.

It’s not about power,
It’s about meekness;
Trusting God in weakness;
Who’ll save in the evil hour.

It’s not about fun,
It’s about suffering.
With all our might, mustering
Boldness to get work done.

It’s not about sacrifice,
It’s about obeying;
Seeking Yah by praying
That we may receive life. 

It’s not about tradition,
It’s about faith;
Hearing what the Spirit saith,
Who leads us from perdition.

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