Make Haste, Beloved

Make Haste, Beloved

Happy am I and full of reason to rejoice,
Even now, in the midst of mine affliction.
For though my emotions seek to deceive me,
I know that my God shall deliver me.
Though sadness sets its ambush;
Though shame readies its bow;
I need not fear with You as my refuge.
By faith am I shielded from utter doubt.
Incline Thine ear to my cries;
Make haste to deliver me, O God.
Even though I wait, You are not slack.
If I trust in You, soon shall come my Help.
Let my mind be comforted in Your Word,
And my heart strengthened by Your Promise.
Let my bones find healing in Your Righteousness,
And my spirit, rest in Your Instruction.
Obedience is as a sweet savor unto Thee,
And songs of praise as a soft kiss to my Beloved.
Let me be intoxicated with Your Love,
And carry me away in Thine Tenderness.
I desire You in the morning,
And for You, I wait in the evening.
You are the source of my joy,
Make haste to me, my Love.

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