Faith in You.

Faith in You
Poem by Justice B.

I sit beside still waters and talk with You
I go in my room;
close the door to pray to You
I walk down the street,
look up at the sky and wonder
Are you near?
Are you far?
When I’m overwhelmed,
I call on You
When I’m joyful,
I send up my praises to You
Throughout my day,
I talk to You out loud
A Friend,
A Father You are to me
I lean on You always
You’re always there when I need You
The only way I can make it through is by calling
and having faith in You;
Believing in You;
Knowing and having a personal relationship with You,
Most High God…

All Praises 🙌🏽

About the writer

Justice is a poet and songwriter, and a co-host for the popular broadcast station, Shofar Radio. Her vibes are chill, but her drive for the Most High, fervent. Follow her socials, and subscribe to Peace & Poetry to read more poetry from artists like Justice.

Peace and prosperity!

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