By Leon the Servant

I can’t change the future, but…

I can change perspective.

Many would be septic

If they don’t read the news script

Cuz it feels like a life diss.

No hot patch nor quick fix

Can conquer

The Truth;

No peace offering,

Easy to swallow,

Cuz most people hollow;

Remains discarded in unknown sorrow.

Listen with caution.

Put all my thoughts in question.

I’m just a make-shift—Reflection

Of my experiences.

And sometimes I do what is delirious;

Have you lookin’ at me like, “You serious?”

I’m imperfect, but mostly by choice

Cuz I give my flesh a voice,

But still, I’m curious

Of the outcome.

I swore I wouldn’t succumb

To my vices that deceptively

Try to use me.

No, I won’t let these situations

Bruise ME.

About the Author

Leon the Servant
Leon the Servant

Leon is a Youtuber, Writer, and Entrepreneur dedicated to the cause of the Most High. His gift with words is clearly discerned in his written poetry and spoken word. 

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