By Leon the Servant

I’m happy that you’re happy.

That’s a different kind of love

I’m serving cuz… I’m a servant,

Not a slipping serpent.

I ain’t Hell-Bent.

I hold no more resentment.

I’m more cognizant

Of our dominance.

It is prominent

We are stronger together.

My love is tender

To my brother,

“Even if the blood is thinna

It’s us that are the winnas!”

I end wrath with

A soft response

—Saul & David—

I could have killed you,

But I’d rather help

Rebuild you.

For we stronger together,

My brother,

Who’s sent to surmount

These curses?

Stop bringing these hearses,

Perpetuating these curses.

Wicked devils thirst for this:

To see us meet our end

But a friend is a good defense.

So together, we can take offense

To whomever contends,

And tries to bend the bond

Of Yasharahla.

Our alliance will

Make us stronger than

A den of lions.

Let’s stop the defiance

Of YAH’s will

For Israël.

Cuz sin comes with a lengthy bill

Titled: “Destruction”

Leon the Servant
Leon the Servant

Leon is a Youtuber, Writer, and Entrepreneur dedicated to the cause of the Most High. His gift with words is clearly discerned in his written poetry and spoken word. 

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