A supplication

It’s easy to get caught;
Consumed with vain cares,
Distracted by pleasures;
Drawn away by the world’s affairs.

Father, grant unto me the faith, 
the strength and the power,
To seek out Your truths diligently,
And not grow weary in this hour.

Let not my hope fall,
 Neither my countenance decline,
But fill me with Your oil,
That my lamp may shine.

Let my mind be alert,
And my spirit stay awake.
Search out my heart;
Reveal what I must forsake. 

That which I now reap,
 Is that which I’ve then sown.
And that which I feel now, 
Is that Your chastening may be known. 

I’m often tempted to quit,
But where then should I go?
Whether in joy or in suffering,
Your Word is the only way I know. 

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