April 24, 2021

Though change comes upon the world as a thief, you need not be caught at naught. Love is a guiding light; a strong defense. Believe, and you’ll not be moved.

the hike

April 19, 2021

In admiration of the nature around, may its beauty abound-
more and more until forevermore!


April 8, 2021

A common factor that denotes this walk. Though it’s different for each, its methods are the same. It’s seductions are strong, and it’s lies lead to shame. It’s not temptation if it’s easy to resist. Yet by faith we overcome it.

For Wisdom’s sake

March 25, 2021

Blessed are all they who find wisdom, for with her is health and by her were the heavens and the earth established. « Proverbs 3 »

In the morning

March 11, 2021

God will be found of those who seek Him early. Let us not forsake His mercy.


February 28, 2021

There’s truth and then there’s religion. It’s up to each to reflect on what they believe and why.

Peace & lonely

February 8, 2021

It’s not uncommon to feel alone in this walk. God only allows it because He knows we can handle it, and it will only make us stronger.

A supplication

February 6, 2021

Don’t grow discouraged in life, neither be thou faint in your walk. Continue to sow good seeds, not forsaking prayer, and reap in season.

It’s no hard thing

January 28, 2021

My heart, it laughs,
My soul, it sings.
To fill one with joy,
It’s no hard thing.

Passing Pain

January 21, 2021

Hear the thoughts of my heart,
And the voice of my tears.
Those tears I would cry
If only I could feel.