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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

God Is With Me

God Is With Me

Blessed art Thou, God of my creation,
And greatly art Thou to be praised.
Though I be alone, I am not,
For Thou art ever with me.
Though I be far, I am not,
For thou art near.
Who can separate me from Thy love?
And who can pull me from Thine hands?
Though my friends be few,
I will rejoice in Thy company.
Though my family be afar,
I shall find comfort in Thy word.
Though men may reproach me in their hearts,
Thou art ever faithful.
Though I may be poor,
Thy wisdom hath made me rich.
What can the world offer when Thou art my provider?
Turn not Thy face from me,
For thou art my delight.
I will declare Thy name before men,
For Thou, O Yahuah, the Holy God of Israel,
Art worthy to be praised.
May Thy name be declared throughout the earth.
And may every tongue confess Thy righteousness forever.

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