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Seek peace and pursue it… Psalm 34:14

Trust in God

Trust in God

My mind is grieved and my heart sore vexed.
Mine affliction has made me weary,
Yet will I trust in You.
Strengthen me, O God, for I am weak.
Let, therefore, Your strength be perfected in me.
Make me to know the path of righteousness.
Though I see You not, I am always in Your sight.
Measure my ways, Thou Righteous Judge,
And add to me that which I lack.
Remove from me all vanities.
Look not upon me according to my transgression,
But deal with me according to Thy abundant mercies.
Number me not as one of the hypocrites,
But establish me in Your truth.
For I have sought Thee and called upon your name.
Draw neigh to me according to Thy word,
And deliver me from temptations.
In You, O God, do I trust; forsake me not utterly.

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